After opening closed roads… will the joy of Yemenis be complete by turning the page of war forever?

Yemen Monitor/Newsroom

On Tuesday evening, Yemeni activists launched an electronic campaign expressing the joy of Yemenis at the opening of roads that have been closed for ten years due to the war.

Activists in the campaign, which was launched under the hashtag “#Opening_Roads_Brings_Joy_to_Yemenis,” stressed the need to continue opening other roads, due to their role in reviving this humanitarian file and alleviating the suffering of the people that has been ongoing for nine years.

Activists called for the continuation of opening other roads, including the opening of Aqbat Tharah in Abyan Governorate, southern Yemen.

Activist Abdullah Al-Hamieri asked: What does opening Al-Qasr roundabout road mean? He answered at the same time that it will enable the people of Taiz to move within the city to Al-Hoban and vice versa in ten minutes instead of 4 hours.

He added: We will close the file of the unpaved Al-Aqrawd road, which resulted in the death and injury of more than 500 people due to accidents, as well as the destruction of dozens of vehicles and the loss of their cargo.

Activist Tawfiq Ahmed commented: In Yemen, opening roads and ending their closure is a sign of joy and hope for residents who have suffered from conflict and tensions for many years.

He added that opening roads is a lifeline for millions of Yemenis, as it contributes to improving access to essential services and strengthening economic activity.

He continued: Despite the great joy of opening the roads, there are still challenges facing Yemenis. The sustainability of opening roads requires a continuous commitment from all parties to cease hostilities and work towards achieving peace.

Activist Rwan Al-Yahiry commented: The people of Yemen are today achieving a great achievement by opening the roads without external interference, considering it an important step that rebuilds trust and brings us closer to ending the war.

Activist Awad Alyafe’e wrote: We are still waiting for the rest of the roads to be opened, and our eyes are still on Aqbat Tharah and  Al-Dali’e road, which the Transitional Council prevents from opening and suppresses any societal and tribal movements seeking to bring viewpoints closer together.

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