Yemen Welcomes UN Security Council Resolution to Halt Fire in Gaza

Yemen Monitor/Newsroom

The Yemeni government has welcomed the United Nations Security Council’s resolution, calling for an immediate and complete ceasefire in Gaza, which was submitted by the United States in support of a presidential proposal.

The Yemeni Foreign Ministry, in a statement, urged the immediate implementation of the ceasefire, provision of aid, and relief to the Palestinian people.

The statement reaffirmed the Palestinian people’s right to achieve their legitimate aspirations for a dignified life, establish an independent state, and make East Quds their capital.

The Security Council adopted the draft resolution, which was initiated by the United States, after 14 council members voted in favor, while Russia abstained. The United States had finalized the draft on Sunday, following six days of negotiations among council members.

The resolution welcomes the new ceasefire proposal, which has been accepted by the Israeli occupation and calls on Hamas to accept it as well. It also urges both parties to implement all its provisions without delay or condition.

Algeria, the only Arab member of the council, endorsed the draft resolution. Ambassador Amar Ben Youssef to the United Nations told the council that “this resolution represents a step forward towards a prompt and lasting ceasefire.”

He added that “it gives hope to Palestinians. It’s time to stop the killing.”

The resolution outlines the details of the proposal and stipulates that if negotiations take more than six weeks in the first phase, the ceasefire will continue until negotiations are completed.

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