UN Envoy: Opening Roads is a Key Part of the Yemen Truce

Yemen Monitor/Newsroom

The Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, affirmed on Tuesday that opening roads is a key part of the truce that must be implemented on the ground.

This came during his meeting with Taiz Governor Nabil Shamsan in the Jordanian capital, Amman, to discuss developments related to opening main roads, supplying the city with water, alleviating humanitarian suffering, and the UN’s efforts to support sustainable development in the governorate.

The UN envoy reviewed the efforts he is making to reach sustainable solutions to ensure the continuity of these measures, as they are a key part of the truce that must be implemented on the ground.

For his part, Governor Shamsan touched on the arrangements underway to open roads, foremost of which is Al-Hoban-Al-Kam- Al-Khair Mosque road, and the efforts of the local authority in coordination with the military and security authorities to remove obstacles and facilitate citizens’ access to the city, as well as the importance of restoring water pumping and reaching the landfill to alleviate the damage and humanitarian suffering caused by the siege and the refusal to allow water to reach the city’s inhabitants.

Taiz governor affirmed his commitment to the safety of citizens and to taking all arrangements and measures to ensure easy access for citizens without any trouble, as well as to maintain the opening of roads under UN supervision to ensure sustainability, as these measures are among the priorities and concerns of the local authority.

He pointed out that opening roads in the governorate is one of the axes of the truce, which includes a ceasefire, opening Sana’a airport and Hodeidah port, and opening main roads in Taiz.

Governor Shamsan reviewed the efforts made to implement the economic and social plan, and the importance of coordinating with international and local organizations and the private sector to apply this unique experience and achieve the desired goals during the next phase.

The Houthis announced days ago the opening of two main roads to the city of Taiz after about 10 years of the group closing the main road to the city and imposing a suffocating siege that caused a worsening humanitarian and health crisis that millions of residents suffered from.

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