Yemen’s National Meteorological Center Forecasts Partly Cloudy Skies with Scattered Showers

Yemen Monitor/Newseoom

The National Center of Meteorology in Yemen on Wednesday forecast partly cloudy skies in general, hot weather on the inner highlands, and scattered showers, sometimes accompanied by thunder, over several areas.

The weather service indicated that these areas are the “governorates of Hajjah, Mahweet, western parts of Sa’dah, Sana’a and Dhamar, Ibb, Taiz, Raymah, Ad Dali’e”, and parts of Tihama Plain, while scattered showers over parts of the highlands and inner plateaus of “Lahj, Al Baydha, Abyan, Shabwah, Hadramawt and Al Mahrah” governorates during the afternoon and evening hours.

It pointed to partly cloudy skies, hot and humid, with maximum temperatures ranging between (37 – 40 degrees Celsius), with a possibility of light showers over parts of the eastern coasts and the inland areas adjacent to them, and strong winds around Socotra Archipelago exceeding 30 knots at times, and moderate to active speed over the eastern and southern coasts and the Gulf of Aden and Bab al-Mandab Strait.

In the desert areas, the weather service expects partly cloudy skies, hot to very hot, with maximum temperatures ranging between (40 – 45 degrees Celsius), and moderate to active winds that work to raise dust and sand.

The weather service warned citizens against the hot and very hot weather in the deserts, plains and coastal areas, and advised against direct exposure to the sun during the afternoon.

It also alerted seafarers, fishermen and ship captains to the high waves and rough seas around Socotra Archipelago, the eastern and southern coasts and the Gulf of Aden.

It also warned people in areas expected to receive rain to stay away from valleys  and flood corridors during and after the rain.

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