Four of them were killed in a confrontation with gunmen.. Houthis claim the death of 17 person by a U.S. bombing

Yemen monitor / news room

The Houthi group said on Saturday that it had buried 17 killed persons by the U.S. British airstrikes on its positions, among them high-ranking officers.

“Today, Saturday, in a solemn funeral procession, the bodies of a number of martyrs of the homeland and the armed forces and security were buried following the U.S.-British aggression bombing” . As reported by SABA news agency “the Houthi version”.

The agency published the names of the 17 who were killed bearing a military rank of officer and other different rankings, but did not elaborate on the time and place of their deaths.

In an investigation conducted by  “Yemen Monitor ” website, it showed up that four of the names announced to have been killed in the US bombing were killed mainly in a confrontation with tribal gunmen in Ibb  centeral of the country last Tuesday.

These names are “ghamdan zabinullah Jomida, Yassin Mohammed Al-Shauri, Ahmed Mohammed Rajab and Shaif Mohammed Jomida”.

On January 12, the armed group announced the death of 5 of its troops and the injury of 6 others as a result of the US-British raids.

Yesterday , Friday, the US Department of Defense” Pentagon” said that it had destroyed 100 missiles as well as  missile launchers also destroyed in the attacks on the Houthi positions since last January .

Since the beginning of this year, the U.S. has been conducting raids, which it said were targeting “the Houthi positions” in various regions of Yemen, in response to their attacks in the Red Sea.

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