Houthis announced targeting of an American warship.. While a Pentagon official denies

Yemen Monitor/Aden:

The Houthi group said on Monday that they had targeted a US Navy ship in the Gulf of Aden with an appropriate naval missile.

According to a statement issued by the group’s spokesman, Yahya Srei, the group’s forces launched on Sunday evening an appropriate naval missile that targeted a US Navy ship, (USS Lewis B. Puller), while sailing in the Gulf of Aden.

The statement added that “among the tasks of this ship is to provide logistical support to the American forces that are involved in waging aggression on Yemen”.

He stressed that the group’s forces continue to implement the decision to prevent Israeli navigation or ships heading to the ports of Occupied Palestine in the Red and Arab seas until the cessation of aggression and siege of the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.

In the other hand a Pentagon official denied any attack had been carried out on a US warship.

The US official added that the Pentagon has not received any report of an attack targeting the ship “Buller”. And It is believed that the rocket fell into land or sea “as usual”.

Buller served as a mobile base for the US Navy who carried out an operation on January 11 to seize Iranian-made ballistic and cruise missile components believed to be destined to Yemen.

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