Yemeni government encourages Washington to assassinate Houthi leaders

Yemen monitor / Aden / private:

The Wall Street Journal said on Sunday that the Yemeni internationally recognized  government has encouraged the United States to assassinate Houthi leaders.

It quoted Knowledgeable sources as saying that the Yemeni government encouraged Washington to use airstrikes to target Houthi leaders, in a similar way the United States killed ISIS and Al-Qaeda leaders in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Officials believe that this is the way that will contribute in the elimination of the Houthi threat.

Yemeni analysts who spoke to the American newspaper warned of  assassinations which likely will lead to a significant escalation by the Houthis, which may include attacks on US military sites in and around the Arabian Peninsula ,while “Yemen monitor” could not reach the Yemeni government for comment.

The agency “Sheba intelligence” had referred to the Houthis ‘ fears of US air attacks targeting their leadership.

The Houthis have repeatedly launched attacks on ships in the Red Sea since November, and recently they started targeting ships in the Gulf of Aden, which is far from their areas saying that they are only targeting ships that are linked to Israel or going to its ports until the Israeli stops their aggression on Gaza Strip .

In response, the United States and Britain have launched air strikes on the Houthi areas in Yemeni since January 11  announcing an alliance against the Houthis on December 20, calling it the “Prosperity Alliance”, but it faces obstacles.

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