Yemeni rights group calls on international community to pressure Yemeni parties to bring peace and release all abductees

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A Yemeni rights group called on the international community and the United Nations on Sunday to pressure the Yemeni parties to bring peace and release all abductees.

This came during a protest sit-in carried out by the Association of Mothers of Abductees in the city of Taiz to demand the release of abductees in all prisons.

A statement issued by the protest sit-in called for the release of all abductees from all parties, stressing that the first steps towards a comprehensive peace in the country is the release of abductees without any conditions and the end of their suffering and the suffering of their families.

The association held all parties fully responsible for the lives and safety of their abducted, forcibly disappeared and arbitrarily detained sons held by them, and called for an end to their long-standing suffering as a result of their detention, which for some of them has exceeded eight years without legal justification, stressing the need for their immediate release without any conditions.

The statement denounced the disregard for human rights and international laws, to the extent of not protecting human rights defenders, the latest of which was what happened to lawyer “Sami Yassin al-Sharjabi” in Aden Governorate, who was detained until now and tortured, and before that, he was threatened during his work in defending the abductees according to a previous statement issued by his family by the Association of Mothers of Abductees.

The association called on the UN and its envoy, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, local and international organizations, and all human rights and media coalitions to pressure for peace, so that its first files would be to end the suffering of the forcibly abducted, disappeared and arbitrarily detained and their families and work for their immediate release.

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