Yemen condemns Washington’s veto against Palestine’s membership in the United Nations

Yemen Monitor/ Newsroom

Yemen has expressed its frustration at Washington’s veto of a Security Council resolution calling for granting Palestine full membership in the United Nations.

The Yemeni Foreign Ministry, in a press statement, pointed out that the establishment of the Palestinian state and the end of the occupation are the cornerstone for achieving peace, security, and stability in the region.

Yemen reaffirmed its efforts with all international parties to fulfill the aspirations of the Palestinian people in establishing their independent state with its capital in East Quds, in accordance with all international legislations, resolutions, and charters.

Despite 12 members of the Security Council voting in favor of granting Palestine full membership in the United Nations, with Switzerland and Britain abstaining, the use of the veto power by Washington against the resolution was enough to defeat it.

The resolution required approval from 9 member states of the Security Council to pass, with none of the five veto-holding countries – United States, France, China, Russia, and Britain – objecting. Palestine obtained non-member observer status at the United Nations after a majority vote by the General Assembly on November 29, 2012.

Palestine applied for full membership in the United Nations in 2011, but at that time its request did not receive the necessary support to move to the voting stage in the International Security Council.

It was hoped that this time its request would be accepted, given the increasingly international stance on the need to recognize a Palestinian state as a way to promote the peace process in the Middle East, amidst an Israeli war on Gaza for about 7 months, and an extremist Israeli government refusing the two-state solution.

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