Government report: More than 34 fire incidents broke out in the displaced persons camps in Ma’rib since the beginning of 2024

Yemen Monitor/ News Room

A recent government statistic reported today, Sunday, that more than 30 fire incidents occurred in the displaced persons camps in Ma’rib Governorate, northeast of Yemen, in the first quarter of the current year 2024.

The Executive Unit for the Management of Displaced Persons Camps in Ma’rib Governorate (governmental) stated in an infographic issued by them that they recorded 34 fire incidents in the displacement camps spread across the governorate between January 1 and April 13, 2024.

It explained that these fires resulted in the injury of 4 children, while no deaths were recorded, and they consumed 34 shelters for displaced families, 57 tents, 46 nets, 2 caravans, and houses.

Statistics indicate that the majority of the fire incidents were due to random electrical connections, with 21 incidents, representing 62% of the total incidents recorded since the beginning of the current year, where “displaced persons are forced to use air conditioners with random electrical connections due to high temperatures, exposing their tents to the risk of fires.”

The Executive Unit stated that 9 incidents occurred due to using tents as kitchens, 3 others due to fires spreading to the tents, while one fire was caused by the explosion of a household gas cylinder.

Humanitarian partners were called upon to take practical steps to reduce fires and their damages in the displacement camps in Ma’rib and its residents.

The total number of camps in the city of Ma’rib is about 206 camps, while the number of displaced families in the camps (63,674) is (724,445) individuals

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