U.S is considering strikes on Houthi ground targets

Yemen monitor-Aden

The Wall Street Journal said on Wednesday that the United States is considering launching strikes on Houthi ground targets in the coming days. After the largest Houthi attack targeting U.S.  ships in the Red Sea.

The U.S. is considering conducting strikes against land-based Houthi targets in Yemen in the coming days in response to the attacks in the Red Sea, officials said. The overnight barrage would likely elicit a U.S. response, a defense official said Wednesday.

U.S. and British warships shot down one of the largest barrages of missiles and drones fired by Yemen’s Houthi rebels into the crucial Red Sea shipping lane, while Secretary of State Antony Blinken continued his efforts to prevent the conflict in Gaza from escalating into a regional war.

“If these attacks continue, as they did yesterday, there will be consequences,” Blinken said Wednesday, adding that the Houthi attacks have been “aided and abetted by Iran.”

Blinken is on a Mideast tour focused on bringing Israel and Arab nations together to harness their influence in the region to prevent the war in Gaza from spilling into a regional conflagration.

However, the Houthis, a Shia group that has been waging a prolonged fight for dominance with the recognized Yemeni government, are complicating Blinken’s diplomatic mission. He traveled Wednesday to Bahrain, a member of the U.S.-led Red Sea coalition meant to safeguard traffic through the region’s busiest shipping lanes.

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