Houthi announce the start of a new battle against the Americans in the Red Sea

Yemen monitor/ Hodeidah / private:

Al-Houthi group announced the start of a battle against US forces in the Red Sea after ten of its fighters were killed by the American attack a week ago .

Mahdi al-Mashat ,a leader in the group, in a speech, on Monday, during his meeting with other military leaders in Al-Hodeidah announced the battle, which he called  “the promised conquest and holy jihad”.

He added that , there is no retreat from confronting the Americans in the Red Sea after the death of the Yemeni Navy soldiers unless the United States hand over the American soldiers accused in killing Al-Houthi navy fighters.

On friday, Abdulmalik Al-huthi ,the groups leader, announced that the US attack on his fighters in the red sea will not go without punishment.

The United States has announced a multinational coalition in operation called “prosperity guardian” to  attack Al-Houthi and protect the navigation.

12 countries with the United states issued a statement considered to be Washington last warning to Al-Houthi to stop his attacks in the red sea.

More than 20 countries are contributing to the international forces against Al-Houthi including five warships from the United States, the United Kingdom and France patrolling the Red Sea, while the United States and other countries have also provided manned and unmanned reconnaissance aircraft.

The attacks in the Red Sea have already forced some shipping lines and energy companies to avoid the region by redirecting their ships around the Cape of Good Hope instead of passing through the Suez Canal, adding weeks to it’s journeys.

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