235 persons from the eastern provinces demand fair representation for their regions in the peace consultations

Yemen monitor/ Mukalla / private:

On Sunday, 235 Yemeni characters Asserted the” need for a balanced, fair and friendly presence ” of the people of the eastern province (Hadramaut, Al-Mahra, Shabwa and Socotra) in the upcoming peace negotiations.

This was included in a letter sent to the Yemeni president, the king of Saudi Arabia,and also to the envoy of the UN.

The figures from the four governorates, which include officials, academics and businessmen , welcomed the progress in the comprehensive peace file and supported it “through a Yemeni dialogue that does not exclude anyone and leads to a long lasting peace according to the three references (the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism, the outcomes of the Comprehensive National Dialogue Conference, and the relevant UN resolutions, headed by Resolution 2216 )”.

The statement said: We emphasize the need for a balanced, fair and friendly presence of the people of the eastern province (Hadramaut, Mahra, Shabwa and Socotra) that does not follow the north nor the south in any political settlement through a fair representation that guarantees the Partnership  in proportion to its economic, social and historical status and also the geographical area, the number of population at home or abroad and their contribution to support the various resources of the state.

They also pointed to the decent position in all state institutions and relevant work teams and committees that they are looking forward to , away from the North-South parity because Yemen is larger than the North and the south and  efforts  that ignore or oblige us to follow again any party or center of influence will not succeed .

They said: “We will accept only full and undiminished rights, and  being represented fairly in any negotiations or consultations and  to ensure our fair  entitlements and reassure our families and meet their aspirations in building a secure future under a just state that we seek and fight for as our ancestors fought in all national revolutions over the past years,”

The statement also blessed: The announcement of the Hadramaut National Council and  its leadership represents a major building block and an important step on the path of Justice and partnership, .

In return, the UAE-supported Southern Transitional Council demanded to be represent all Southern and eastern governorates, including the four governorates While, there was no comment from the Yemeni government on this statement.

A Yemeni peace agreement is expected to be signed in the coming weeks based on mediation  of Oman between the internationally recognized government and the Houthis ending 9 years of War,and it will be followed by consultations between the parties on the future of the country.

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